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For conference assignments, please contact us directly at interpreting@hsdc.org or 206-632-7100.

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You can also find more information about requesting an interpreter on our FAQ page and the HSDC Interpreting Services main page.

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Pool of Interpreters

We are happy to provide a list of interpreters used by HSDC Interpreting Services. The list contains the following sections:

  • HSDC Staff ASL Interpreters
  • Deaf ASL Interpreters
  • Subcontractor ASL Intepreters
  • Subcontractor SEE Interpreters
  • Subcontractor Pre-Certified ASL Intepreters

Deaf community members and clients may provide us with preferred interpreters for their appointments, as well as note any interpreters they prefer not to work with. If a list of preferred interpreters is available, HSDC Interpreting Services will coordinate appointments using a client’s preferences, prioritizing our Staff Interpreters. If a client’s preferred interpreters are not available, we will find an interpreter outside of their list that they have not expressed any objections to working with.

It is easier for us to secure your preferred interpreter if it is one of our Staff Interpreters, as they commit their schedules to HSDC Interpreting Services.

Please note that HSDC Interpreting Services only works with pre-certified interpreters if they are directly requested by Deaf clients. We will not send a pre-certified interpreter to an appointment unless a Deaf client has listed them as a preferred interpreter.

If you would like to update your interpreter preferences, please send an email to interpreting@hsdc.org.

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Email: interpreting@hsdc.org
Phone (voice): 206-632-7100
Videophone: 206-445-7434