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Rosen Family Preschool is a classroom for children ages 3-5 that emphasizes both American Sign Language (ASL) and English, giving Deaf or hard of hearing children a bilingual language foundation that will set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond. The program is also open to hearing children who would benefit from an ASL-friendly environment, such as those raised in a home that uses sign language.

Rosen uses early education and deaf education best practices to create a bilingual/bicultural learning environment that builds language and literacy skills. Curious about the benefits of bilingual education for deaf and hard of hearing children? Check out our Resources page or contact us with questions.

Rosen Preschool is open five days a week at HSDC’s Seattle office. We also offer home visits for parents who would like more hands-on support.

Preschool Mission

At Rosen Family Preschool, capable children, engaged families and inspired educators collaborate in a joyful, accessible, bilingual learning community rooted in Deaf identity and American Sign Language.

Preschool Vision

To be leaders in deaf education devoted to providing an exemplary ASL and English bilingual program for the diverse community of Seattle, empowering children and families to become creative and confident thinkers.

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Key elements of the Rosen Family Preschool curriculum include:

  • Bilingual/bimodal teaching approach using American Sign Language and English
  • Direct instruction in ASL to ensure accessibility for Deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Classroom and instruction designed to utilize the Reggio Emilia philosophy of early learning
  • Deaf-friendly, culturally appropriate, visually accessible classroom environment with modern technology
  • Family engagement, including daily communication and home visits
  • Culturally competent education team including teachers, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists who work regularly with students to meet individual spoken language and listening goals as appropriate


If you think your child may be a good fit for Rosen Family Preschool, please contact us to discuss your options. Most of our students are located in the Seattle area.

Deaf and hard of hearing children in Seattle may be eligible for tuition assistance from Seattle Public Schools and the Seattle Preschool Program.

Hearing children who would benefit from a sign language classroom, such as children of Deaf adults (CODAs), the siblings of deaf children, or children with speech differences, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Families in Seattle with hearing children may be eligible for tuition assistance from the Seattle Preschool Program.

Scholarships may be available to families who need additional financial assistance.

Families who do not receive tuition assistance and wish to pay out-of-pocket will be considered on a case-by-base basis.

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Growth in 2020

Imagine a preschool where your child is immersed in American Sign Language, developing fluency in two languages and reaping the many documented benefits of bilingual education.

If you used baby signs in the first years of your child’s life to decrease their frustration, imagine strengthening those skills while your entire family learns true American Sign Language.

Would you like to be part of a growing community of hearing and Deaf ASL users who tear down barriers between neighbors, promote equity, and help hearing people better understand the realities of Deaf Culture and Deaf Gain?

Are you curious about upcoming plans to grow our preschool into a fledgling ASL Community School that serves Deaf, hearing, and hard of hearing children and families in Seattle? Would you be interested in lending your perspective?

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Policies & Procedures

View the Rosen Family Preschool Handbook to see the classroom’s policies and procedures. We have ASL videos below for some sections of the handbook.


Email: rosenpreschool@hsdc.org
Phone (voice): 206-323-5770
Fax: 206-328-6871


Seattle office


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  • Pamela Grossman

    Pamela Grossman, MA

    Director of Rosen Preschool

  • Lynne Banki

    Lynne Banki

    Educational Consultant

  • Nate Elliott

    Nate Elliott

    Lead Teacher

  • Savannah Hagwood, MA

    Savannah Hagwood, MA

    Education Program Assistant

  • Takeshi Matsumoto

    Takeshi Matsumoto

    General Assistant

  • Sam Sanders

    Sam Sanders

    Classroom Assistant and Teaching Artist

  • Hannah Wheatcroft

    Hannah Wheatcroft

    Lead Teacher