Anti-Racism in HSDC Service Areas

Systemic racism is endemic in our society, and HSDC’s services are not immune from this reality. As leaders in our fields, we must acknowledge that we cannot achieve HSDC’s mission of inclusive and accessible communities without becoming an anti-racist organization.

Racism and a lack of diversity have been issues in the nonprofit world for a long time, and there is still much work to be done. At HSDC, it shows up in:

Becoming an anti-racist organization will help HSDC to remove the barriers that BIPOC people face when accessing our services. It is only then that we can truly make this world inclusive and accessible for all.

HSDC has made 11 commitments to becoming an anti-racist and anti-audist organization. Read the full statement to learn more.

Anti-Racism & You

If you’re wondering what it means to be anti-racist, or you just want to learn more, you’re not alone! There are many fantastic resources online and in book form. Here are some starting points.

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