Thank you for your interest in our services for young children with speech differences. As of September 2018, Ned Behnke Speech-Language Preschool is no longer in operation. HSDC has decided to transition the Behnke program from a preschool classroom to an outreach model.

As the Greater Seattle Area has changed in recent years, so has the landscape that Behnke Preschool served. More local early education providers are required to offer high-quality speech-language support to individual students, and most have access to powerful communication technology like tablets. This has allowed more students with speech differences to remain close to home, rather than seeking out specialized early education classrooms such as Behnke Preschool.

HSDC will work to transition the Behnke program to an outreach model, which has the potential to reach many more children with speech differences in the community. We hope to have HSDC specialists visit local schools and provide consultation on educating students with speech delays or disorders.

If you have questions, are interested in having a specialist from HSDC visit your child’s preschool, or would like more information on upcoming events for families of children with speech differences, please email

If you are interested in a speech-language evaluation or speech therapy for your child, please contact our Speech & Language department.

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