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    I am hard of hearing and have used the Hearing Speech and Deafness Center to get referrals for audiologist and learn about assistive technology for hearing impaired individuals.

    I have always been fascinated with sign language and completed two Continuing Education American Sign Language courses at North Seattle College. There are no additional courses offered in the winter. Does HSDC offer courses in American Sign Language and if not, what agencies offered these courses? Most of the community colleges offer the classes during the day time which will not work for me because I work. I am looking for a night class. Any suggestions?

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      Hi, Karen. Thanks for your question! We’re excited to hear that you want to keep learning ASL.

      HSDC hosts nighttime ASL classes by Visually Speaking at our Seattle offices. They offer classes for those who want to continue their ASL education regularly, so keep an eye on their website or sign up for their newsletter to stay tuned for the next one.

      Seattle Central College also has nighttime ASL classes, so you can check their website to see if there are any classes of interest coming up in the winter, as well. If you’d like a more comprehensive list of ASL classes and education around the Puget Sound area, feel free to contact us at development@hsdc.org at any time.

      There are also lots of opportunities to practice your ASL skills outside of the classroom. Check out our Community Calendar to find events for the Deaf and hard of hearing, as well as ASL interpreted shows. Hope that helps!


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